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Website: Smolke

Smolke is a website that offers difrent food for dogs and cats. The website features a playful and colorful design with customizable text, colors, and illustrations. The customer can modify the website using a content management system to maintain the webshop and publish new blogs, thereby increasing engagement with potential customers

Website: Moduloo

This website offers a diverse range of customizable cabinets, complete with a unique digital customization system. The aim was to integrate this system into the website, making it accessible to all users. The customer's specific request was to ensure that each theme could be personalized with distinct colors, allowing customers to easily distinguish between the various themes.

Website: Oogvereniging

This is a website that tells all about eyes, seeing and not seeing (properly). I worked on this website to enhance its accessibility, particularly for individuals with visual impairments. The objective was to create an inclusive online space, ensuring ease of navigation for all users. To achieve this, we implemented features allowing blind users to navigate using keyboard controls and enabling text size adjustments, all while maintaining a clean and visually pleasing design, in line with Oogvereniging's commitment to inclusivity and accessibility

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